since 1989  

Application for and Provision of Services


The processing of applications, rendering of services, and settling of accounts are performed by the Expowestrans Exhibitions Department.
The Expowestrans Exhibitions Department is located at
Expocentre Fairgrounds, Pavilion No.2, Tower 5 (2nd floor)
Working hours: 09:00 — 17:45, lunch break 13:00 — 13:45
tel.: +7 (495) 605-7421, 605-3548, 605-0327
fax: +7 (495) 605-7935

Expowestrans Services

  1. Load handling operations
  2. Installation/dismantling and positioning of goods on stand, with labour and load-handling equipment provided for hire.
  3. Empty case storage for the duration of the exhibition.
  4. Warehousing of goods (available on request)

Applying for services

  1. The Application Form for exhibition freight handling services at Expocentre Fairgrounds is available on Expowestrans website
  2. The Customer should complete the Application on their company’s headed paper, enclose bank details and return it, signed, to Expowestrans on for approval and quotation.
  3. The completed Application must be returned to Expowestrans no later than 5 working days before the commencement of the build-up period.
  4. When an exhibition consignment contains heavy-lift and out-of-gauge items, the Customer must supply the general arrangement drawings (showing weight/mass and dimensions of such items), photos; slinging plans, unloading sequences and other information so that Expowestrans specialists could assess the handling requirements of these goods at a given event.

Entering into Contract and Paying for Services

  1. The Contract is made on the basis of the Application for Services.
  2. Contract is only concluded with the Customer/Payer for services.
  3. The Customer must sign the Contract (2 pages) and return it to Expowestrans either by email, or fax.
  4. Payment for services must only be made by the Contract Party, quoting the Contract number.
  5. Payment options:
    • All payments for services provided by Expowestrans must be made by bank transfer quoting the number and date of the Contract as a reason for payment.
    • The Customer can be issued with a Partial Invoice in case they need one, after Expowestrans has received an original copy of the Contract signed by the Customer. The partial invoice is issued within 1-3 days. The bank transfer order must show the Partial Invoice number and issue date.
    • The Customer can also pay in cash at the Expowestrans Cashier’s Desk (on working days within the office hours) before the provision of services has commenced.
  6. The Partial Invoice may only be issued when the Contract has been concluded no later than the first build-up day of the show and after Expowestrans has received an original copy of the Contract signed by the Customer.
  7. When the Contract is concluded during the official build-up period of the show, payment for services can be made by bank transfer quoting the Contract number and date, or in cash at the Expowestrans Cashier’s Desk (the amount paid in cash shall not exceed 100,000 roubles)
  8. The Customer shall send a copy of the bank transfer order by email, post or fax to Expowestrans as confirmation of the payment.

Providing Services

  1. Expowestrans only provides services after it has received a signed original copy of the Contract and a deposit payment from the Customer. The Customer or their authorized representative shall submit to Expowestrans 2 original copies of the Contract, and the original Power of Attorney appointing an Authorized Signatory (a sample Power of Attorney will be sent to the Customer together with the Contract).
  2. During the build-up/breakdown periods the Customer or their authorized representative must:
    • notify Expowestrans in person of the arrival of the exhibition consignment/ vehicle;
    • obtain the Certificate, On-Stand Handling Order, Warehousing Order, Transportation Order and stickers for the goods/empty packaging;
    • be present during all handling operations;
    • authorize freight handling operations/ confirm the acceptance of services by signing the Certificate, On-Stand Handling Order, Warehousing Order and Transportation Order;
    • notify Expowestrans in case the Customer requires additional services that have not been booked and paid for in advance;
    • supply their on-site contact phone number.
  3. The Customer must pay for additional services not listed on the initial Application Form and booked during the exhibition within 2 banking days after the services have been rendered.


  1. Offloading/reloading of vehicles on-site; delivery and collection to/from stand
    • * The Certificate is a document authorizing Expowestrans to unload and deliver the Customer’s goods to the stand.
    • * The Transportation Order is a document authorizing Expowestrans to load the Customer’s goods onto a vehicle.
    • Exhibition goods are offloaded and delivered to the stand, or as close as possible to the stand, indicated by the Customer, by Expowestrans personnel and with their own equipment on the basis of the Customer’s instructions.
    • Using third parties’ load handling and lifting equipment including truck-mounted load handling equipment is prohibited (please, refer to Section 6 of the General Terms of Participation in Exhibitions Held at Expocentre Fairgrounds). The Customer may only hire the required load handling equipment and labour from Expowestrans.
    • When exhibition goods require cranage, and when they are heavy-lift or out-of-gauge and require special lifting equipment or facilities for offloading/reloading, the Customer must provide all relevant information (slinging plans, loading/unloading sequences etc) about these goods together with special handling instructions (please, refer to the Applying for Services Section, Clause 4).
    • Equipment and loads packed in crates/cartons must be clearly marked in compliance with the international standards (i.e. showing the centre-of-gravity, fragility, gross and net weight, points for lifting, order of stacking etc).
    • When the documents mentioned in clause 1.3 and marking as per clause 1.4 of the present Section are missing, or when the packaging is damaged or missing, the loading/unloading of the goods is only carried out in the presence and under the responsibility of the Customer, with the fact being registered in the Certificate/Transportation Order.
  2. Warehousing/Storage
    • * The Warehousing Order is a document authorizing Expowestrans to warehouse/store the Customer’s goods/empty packaging.
    • Expowestrans can take the empty packaging away from the Customer’s stand, store it during the exhibition and return to the Hall gates before the first breakdown day.
    • Expowestrans starts to take empty packaging away from the site once the empties have been prepared for removal. All empty crates/cartons shall be clearly marked. Expowestrans provides stickers to be attached to the empty packaging where the Customer must indicate their Pavilion No., Hall No., Stand No. and the Exhibitor’s company name.
    • Storing empty packaging in places that are not fit for the purpose is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.
    • The Customer is not allowed to leave any items in the empty packaging. Expowestrans shall not be held responsible for any items left in the empty packaging. When the Customer needs to put goods in storage during the exhibition, they should submit an application for the service to Expowestrans.
  3. On-Stand Handling
    • *The On-Stand Handling Order authorizes Expowestrans to perform handling operations on the Customer’s stand.
    • On-stand handling means offloading/reloading from/to pallets, assistance in unpacking/repacking of crates/cartons, installation and dismantling of exhibits; lifting onto and from the on-stand platform etc.
    • In compliance with the health and safety regulations and to ensure safety on site, mechanical handling operations are only carried out by Expowestrans load handling specialists (slingers, riggers) with lifting equipment provided by Expowestrans. The minimum number of slingers on-site is two.

When booking labour and mechanical handling equipment for load-handling and installation/dismantling operations, the Customer shall submit to Expowestrans slinging plans, loading manuals and other documents ensuring health and safety on site, and provide specialist removable lifting accessories (spreader beams, clamps etc.) All installation/dismantling operations requiring mechanical handling equipment shall only be carried out under the general supervision of an authorized Expowestrans specialist.


  1. The liability of Expowestrans ends once the Customer’s exhibition goods have been positioned and installed on stand.
  2. When a return shipment or delivery to the warehouse is arranged, the liability of Expowestrans starts after Expowestrans has actually accepted the cargo on stand.
  3. Expowestrans is not liable for any damage to or loss of the goods in transit, as well as for unpacked and improperly packed goods.
  4. Expowestrans reserves the right to withhold the Customer’s cargo until the Customer has compensated for all expenses incurred by Expowestrans on behalf of the Customer.

Time Limits for Providing Services

  1. Expowestrans only renders services during the official build-up and breakdown periods of the exhibition. The exact dates are determined by Expocentre ZAO.
  2. When delivery before the first build-up day is required, the Customer shall submit to Expowestrans an approval of the early move-in and handling of the goods on stand issued by Expocentre ZAO.
  3. Shipments arriving after the official opening of the exhibition can be delivered to the Customer’s stand when the Pavilion Management has granted its consent and allotted a time slot for unloading and delivery of the cargo. There is a 50% late arrival surcharge on our standard rates.
  4. The exhibition cargo is only reloaded during the official breakdown period. Expowestrans cannot guarantee that the cargo will be reloaded on the last breakdown day.

Settling Accounts and Handing Over Documentation

  1. The Customer must authorize all requested operations by signing the Certificate, On-Site Handling Order, Warehousing Order and Transportation Order. These documents are the basis for settling accounts for services provided by Expowestrans.
  2. The final settlement of accounts between Expowestrans and the Customer shall take place on the basis of the Application for Services and after the Parties have signed the Service Acceptance Certificate.
  3. The Customer, or their authorized representative, can collect the order-related documentation (Contract, Pro-forma Invoice, Acceptance Certificate and Application for Services) in person at the Expowestrans Accounts Department, or the documents can be sent to the Customer by registered mail. The Customer must notify Expowestrans which of the above-mentioned ways is preferable.
  4. The Customer will get further instructions and recommendations after filing the application.

Download the Application for and Provision of Services in MS Word