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Freight Forwarding Services at Exhibitions Held at Expocentre Fairgrounds: Terms and Conditions

Freight Forwarding Services at Exhibitions Held at Expocentre Fairgrounds:

Terms and Conditions


Expowestrans is the sole official freight forwarder at exhibitions (here referred to as Exhibitions) organized by Expocentre ZAO and by other exhibition operators in association with Expocentre at Expocentre Fairgrounds.

For all queries about forwarding services, please contact Expowestrans: Russia, 123100 Moscow, Krasnopresnenskaya Naberezhnaya 14 tel.: +7 (495) 605-03-27, 605-74-21, 605-35-48, fax: +7 (495) 605-79-35, email:, website:


To ensure unimpeded delivery of a consignment to an exhibition and its hassle-free clearance through Customs:
2.1. The Customer should, well in advance, send in a request showing the Customer’s contact details, the name of an exhibition, the list of goods (with commodity codes) and a mode of transport.
2.2. Expowestrans will give instructions, advice etc. regarding load handling with lifting equipment; guidance on how to complete mode-specific transport and customs documentation; information on the delivery dates per mode of transport, specific details of a Customs clearance procedure associated with the Commodity Classification codes of the Customer’s goods. Expowestrans will indicate a period when the Customer must return the completed invoices/packing lists to Expowestrans so that Expowestrans specialists could assess the possibility of clearing the goods through Customs and provide a quotation for the requested services.
2.3. The Customer must, well in advance, submit to Expowestrans the schedule of deliveries to the exhibition premises showing the number of consignments, their weight etc. per each mode of transport, as well as the intended dates of delivery to the stand.
2.4. The Customer must email to Expowestrans the Invoices/Packing Lists (in Excel format only) issued in compliance with the Russian Customs Regulations, then the Customer should dispatch the exhibition cargo and send to Expowestrans copies of the transport documents (Loading List, CMR (TIR), AWB, B/L).


All packages in the consignment shall be clearly marked with labels showing the name of the exhibition; name of the Exhibitor; pavilion and stand numbers; sequential number of the package in a consignment, i.e. 2/12, where 2 is the sequential number of the package and 12 is the total number of packages in a consignment of one Exhibitor; gross and net weight; and measurements and volume per package. The Customer shall restrict access to the content of the packages using locks, or security tape, or security seals etc. ).
Advertising literature, gifts and souvenirs and other permanently imported goods shall be packaged separately from the temporarily imported goods.

If the packaging of the goods to be handled by Expowestrans does not comply with the international and national standards of marking, and other regulatory requirements (e.g. marks of fragility, stacking sequence, measurements, net and gross weights, lifting points etc. are illegible or missing) Expowestrans is entitled to demand that the Customer should submit all missing and illegible information in writing, or provide Expowestrans with an indemnity stating that the Customer accepts full responsibility for any damage to the goods that may occur during their handling and transportation.


4.1. Road Freight
4.1.1 The exhibition goods arriving by road are offloaded and delivered to the stand indicated by the Customer (or as close as possible to the stand) by Expowestrans personnel, with Expowestrans equipment and according to the instructions given by the Customer.
4.1.2 The goods are ONLY unloaded and delivered to the stand (or as close as possible to the stand) in the presence of the Customer or their nominated representative. The Customer is responsible for any expenses (vehicle detention, loss of the consignment etc.) resulting from the late or non-arrival of the said representative at the site.
4.1.3 Expowestrans can supply a 14-tonne load ramp for unloading self-propelled exhibits.
4.1.4 Using third parties’ load handling equipment including truck-mounted loaders is prohibited (please, refer to Section 6 of the General Terms of Participation in Exhibitions Held at Expocentre Fairgrounds). It is also prohibited to use multilift equipment for loading/unloading other vehicles and for other load handling operations (Section 6 of the General Terms of Participation in Exhibitions Held at Expocentre Fairgrounds).
4.1.5 In exceptional cases the cargo is only delivered to the Pavilion gates. The exceptional cases are the conditions or circumstance beyond Expowestrans’ control that prevent the delivery of the cargo to the stand. In such exceptional casese, the service is deemed provided at the delivery of the cargo to the Pavilion gates and the Customer shall make payment for the services in full according to Section 1 of the Expowestrans Rates.
Delivery of the goods from the Pavilion gates to the stand and on-stand handling operations are only performed with the Customer’s authorization and the charge is costed per actual time used, according to Section 5 of the Expowestrans Rates.
4.1.6 When the Customer provides their own manual labour to unload the truck and rents load handling equipment from Expowestrans the service fees are charged according to clauses 1.4 and 1.1 of Section 1 of the Expowestrans Rates.
4.1.7 When goods require cranage, when they are heavy-lift or out-of-gauge and require special lifting equipment or facilities for offloading/reloading, the Customer must provide all relevant information (slinging plans etc.) about these goods and special handling instructions.
4.1.8 Expowestrans uses standard lifting gear (fiber, wire-rope and chain slings) for lifting loads with mobile cranes. It is the responsibility of the Customer to provide specialist lifting gear – spreader beams – together with their certificates.

4.2. Containerized Shipments
4.2.1 Containers (10 ft, 20 ft, 40 ft) arriving at the exhibition site by road and rail are grounded (without unstuffing) from a vehicle and stored near the Pavilion during the build-up and breakdown periods.
4.2.2. The contents of a container are unloaded and delivered to the stand according to the Customer’s instructions. The service is payable as per Section 1.1 of the Expowestrans Rates.
4.2.3. Multimodal consignments shall be shipped freight prepaid to the exhibition premises through the agreed ports of transit.

4.3. Air Freight
4.3.1. Consignments arriving by air freight are delivered from Moscow airports to the exhibition venue and placed in the temporary storage facility until the arrival of the Customer’s representative.
4.3.2. Delivery to the stand is only performed in the presence of the Customer or their nominated representative.
4.3.3. Expowestrans does not handle Customs Clearance of the goods delivered by hand luggage and by courier service (DHL, UPS etc.), as well as under an ATA Carnet.
4.3.4. The exhibition consignment sent by airfreight shall arrive at a Moscow airport not later than 7 days before the opening of the exhibition. In case of late arrival Expowestrans cannot guarantee that the goods will be delivered to the stand before the opening of the exhibition.

4.4.Rail Freight
4.4.1. Expowestrans transfers the car-load and less-than-car-load rail consignments to the exhibition premises and places them in the temporary storage facility until the arrival of the Customer’s representative.
4.4.2. Delivery to the stand is only performed in the presence of the Customer or their appointed representative. The delivery and storage services are payable as per Section 4 of the Expowestrans Rates.

4.5. General Provisions
4.5.1. The Customer is responsible for all expenses that may arise from the late arrival of the Customer or their authorized representative at the venue for the delivery of the goods to the stand.
4.5.2. Consignments arriving after the opening of the exhibition can be either delivered to the Customer’s stand or shipped back on terms to be individually agreed with the Customer.
4.5.3. Consignments arriving after the close of the show in the absence of the Customer will be returned to the shipper’s address. All expenses incurred by Expowestrans in relation to the return shipment of the late consignment (storage, customs services and duties, fines, freight etc.) shall be reimbursed by the Customer.
4.5.4. Consignments arriving
by road freight — 1 day before the opening of the exhibition and later
by air freight — 4 days before the opening of the exhibition and later
are subject to a handling surcharge as per rate 6.2 of Section 6 of the Expowestras Rates.
4.5.5. Once the services have been rendered the Customer shall sign the Certificate confirming their acceptance. Payment for the services is settled on the basis of the Certificate.


5.1. Transport Documentation Requirements
5.1.1. The delivery of goods by all modes of transport is carried out under the international rules and regulations, and with transport and commercial documents specified in the said international regulations. 5.1.2. The Russian Customs Regulations hold that transportation of a consignment exceeding 120 000 US dollars in value from the border to the point of destination is allowed either under Customs escort or against a financial guarantee. The Customer can order Customs escort or provide a financial guarantee directly on the border, or commission Expowestrans to do so. Expowestans can only order Customs escort after the Customer has supplied all relevant information about the consignment and the vehicle. All expenses related to the Customs escort services are to be covered by the Customer.
5.1.3. Expowestrans supplies the following information to the Customer to conclude the contract for freight forwarding services at a given exhibition and to prepare transport and Customs documentation — the name and address of the consignee, the name and code of the Customs office at the point of destination, and the Expowestrans registration number in the Register of the Owners of Temporary Storage Facilities.
5.1.4 To have the exhibition goods or vehicles cleared through Customs the Customer must issue invoices, packing lists and specifications listing exhibits, stand materials, consumables, samples, and giveaways (see Appendix 1 for the Packing List/Invoice Form, Appendix 2 for Instructions on Completing the Packing List/Invoice, Appendix 3 for the Loading List Form).
5.1.5 The information in the Packing Lists/Invoices must be in strict compliance with the actual contents of the packages.
5.1.6. Whichever mode of transport is used for the transportation of the exhibition consignment, the international transport documents shall be accompanied with as many copies of the Packing Lists/Invoices as indicated in the Instructions on Completing the Packing List/Invoice.

5.2. Customs Operations
5.2.1. The Customer shall be aware that Customs only allow entering exhibition goods to temporary importation if they are unambiguously identifiable as temporary import. The quantity of imported exhibition goods must be appropriate to their intended use, i.e. exhibiting. The Customer shall provide a guarantee that the goods will be re-exported after the close of the exhibition in the same condition as when they were imported. There are Customs processing fees to be paid for Customs clearance of the goods.
5.2.2. It is strictly prohibited to sell or donate temporarily imported goods to private individuals.
5.2.3. Customs clear consumable exhibition goods (product samples, low-value logo-branded giveaway items, minor construction materials, household supplies, stationery etc.) under a permanent importation procedure given the quantity and value of the goods are appropriate to the period and nature of the exhibition, the extent of the exhibitor’s participation and the number of visitors. These goods are liable to Customs duties in compliance with the Common Customs Tariff of the Customs Union, Customs processing fees, VAT (18%) and, in some cases, excise tax.
5.2.4. A Customs Authority can, in the presence of an Expowestrans representative, run physical inspection of the consignment to match the actual contents of the packages against the transport documents provided by the Customer. Any discrepancies in the quantity or other characteristics of the declared goods disclosed by a Customs Authority may result in civil liability for the Customer under the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation. All losses which may arise from non-compliance of the consignment with the Customs Regulations are the responsibility of the Customer.
5.2.5. A Customs Authority verify the compliance of the commodity codes for import/export duty shown on the Invoice/Packing List provided by the Customer with the Trade Nomenclature Codes of the Customs Union (an analogue of the Brussels Trade Nomenclature (BTN)). Customs officers can, on reasonable grounds and in conformity with the Customs legislation, change these codes, through which a different rate of Customs duty may apply to the goods.
5.2.6. A Customs Authority has a right to increase or reduce the declared value of the goods.
5.2.7. Some categories of imported goods are subject to non-tariff regulations, i.e. they require additional government authorizations such as licences, certificates, and permissions to be Customs cleared in Russia. The list of such goods includes:
— some foodstaffs and beverages, alcohol, tobacco products, live flowers, plants etc.;
— cosmetics, perfume, some household chemicals;
— electronics and high-frequency equipment;
— refrigerators, air conditioning equipment and other goods containing ozone-depleting substances;
— means of encryption;
— dual-use goods.
5.2.8 Expowestrans provides a guarantee to Customs on behalf of the Customer that all duties, taxes etc. will be paid to the Customs account if the conditions on which Customs allows temporary importation of the exhibition goods are breached. The Customer shall note that on re-export, the temporary admission goods are subject to control and physical examination by a Customs Authority for their compliance with the re-export documentation supplied by Expowestrans. The inspection is performed in the presence of an Expowestrans representative. In case any discrepancies in the contents of the shipment (items missing, or replaced by some other items, or undeclared items) are found, a Customs Authority may register a violation of the Customs Rules and Regulations and charge fines as high as 300% on the declared value of the goods to Expowestrans account. All losses which may arise from non-compliance of the consignment with the Customs Regulations are the responsibility of the Customer.
5.2.9. Expowestrans does not provide Customs clearance services for goods containing precious stones, precious metals, pearls and amber. Such goods can only be cleared through the Central Excise Customs by a TBSS Company Customs Agent (the TBSS address: 125493 Moscow Smolnaya Str. 12. Tel.: +7 (495) 788-3874).
5.2.10. Expowestrans does not handle Customs clearance on:
— personal luggage
— courier shipments (DHL, TNT, UPS, FedEx etc.)
— shipments entered under an ATA Carnet (the Carnet Holder handles Customs formalities by themselves). 5.2.11. In case some of the Customer’s temporarily imported goods have been sold during the event, Expowestrans can not amend their status from temporary to permanent entry. It is virtually impossible to do so now, given the current Customs legislation.


Expowestrans offers warehousing and empty case storage services, provides load handling labour and equipment, and can arrange transportation of goods by any mode of transport within Russia and globally. Freight forwarding terms and rates are discussed and agreed individually in each case.

6.1.Warehousing Services (available on request)
6.1.1. Expowestrans provides warehousing services before, during and after the exhibition.
6.1.2. The Customer shall pack the goods for collection to the warehouse, because Expowestrans only accepts cargo that is adequately packed. The Customer shall pack the goods (and seal the edges of the packages with security tape, if necessary), and mark them with labels showing the name of the exhibition, sequential number of each package and, after a slash, the total number of packages in a consignment etc. The Customer shall restrict access to the contents of the packages. (see clause 3).
6.1.3. Expowestrans only accepts for storage appropriately packed goods, without counting the items in each package. Expowestrans is not responsible for hidden damage or shortage of the goods resulting from inappropriate packaging or absence of packaging, as well as caused by changes in temperature, lack of protection from the environment, or other factors, of which Expowestrans has not been pre-notified by the Customer.
Expowestrans is not responsible for the goods stored on stand (in the pavilion). The responsibility of Expowestrans commences with the collection of the goods at the exhibition stand.
Expowestrans accepts goods for storage according to the number of packages, without checking the contents of the packages.
6.1.6. The goods are placed in the warehouse according to the Warehousing Order showing the purpose of storage and signed by the Customer. The Warehousing Order shall be accompanied with invoices/packing lists for the goods to be stored.

6.2. Storage of Empty Packaging
Expowestrans can take away empty packaging from the Customer’s stand, store it during the exhibition and return to the Hall gates at the close of the exhibition (before the first day of the breakdown period).
Expowestrans starts to pick up empty packaging from the site once the empties has been prepared for collection. All crates/cartons shall be closed and locked, or sealed (if necessary) and clearly marked. Expowestrans provides labels to be attached to the empty packaging where the Customer must indicate their Pavilion, Hall and Stand numbers and the Exhibitor’s company name.
The Customer is not allowed to leave any items in empty packaging. Expowestrans is not responsible for any items left in the empty packaging. When the Customer needs to put goods in storage during the exhibition, they should submit an application for the service to Expowestrans.
6.2.4. It is STRICTLY PROHIBITED to store empty packaging at places that are not fit for the purpose.

6.3. Labour and Equipment for Hire.
6.3.1. Load handling labour and lifting equipment for installation/dismantling of exhibits and equipment, offloading/reloading of cargo from/to pallets, packing/ unpacking of goods etc. are provided by Expowestrans.
6.3.2. The Customer may only order the required load-handling equipment and labour from Expowestrans.
6.3.3. The Customer may submit an application for load handling labour and a mobile loader by 12:00 of the day preceding the requested date of handling. An application for a mobile crane shall be lodged with Expowestrans 3 days before the requested date of handling. All appropriate documentation to process the order shall be issued.
6.3.4. When ordering load handling labour and equipment for on-stand operations, the Customer must lodge with Expowestrans the slinging plan, procedure-related regulations and instructions, and other documents aimed to ensure health and safety on site. The hired workers and drivers are at the disposal of the Customer. It is the Customer’s responsibility to arrange installation/dismantling of exhibits and equipment and unpacking/re-packing of the exhibition goods, while all installation/dismantling work requiring mechanical handling equipment is only carried our under the general supervision of an authorized Expowestrans specialist. The Customer is responsible for the compliance of the on-site load handling operations with the Health and Safety Regulations and Fire Safety Regulations of the Russian Federation.
6.3.5. In case the Customer cancels previously booked services, the Customer is liable for the cost of the reserved load-handling equipment and labour.
6.3.6. Expowestrans reserves the right to subcontract some of the services to Third Parties at its own discretion, without notifying the Customer.


7.1. The Customer shall prepare the goods for shipment and pack them in compliance with the re-export invoices/packing lists.
7.2. The Customer is responsible for the packing of the goods and for the packaging being adequate to the risks that may occur during handling and transportation.
7.3. Expowestrans accepts the goods for return handling according to the number of packages, without checking and counting the contents of the packages. Expowestras is not responsible for any hidden damage to the goods and non-compliance of the contents with the re-export documentation (invoices/packing lists).
7.4. Handover of the goods to Expowestrans for re-export shall be authorized with the Transportation Order completed by the Customer and signed by both Parties. The Transportation Order shall show the consignee name and address, freight information and mode of transport.
7.5. After the handover, the goods to be shipped by air and by rail are transferred to the Expowestrans warehouse.
7.6. The consignment to be shipped back by sea is reloaded into a container on the same terms as when it was imported (see clause 4.2.2.) and is stored till dispatch in the area allocated for the purpose by Expowestrans.
7.7. The consignments to be transported by the Customers’ own vehicle are reloaded to the vehicle directly from the stand. Time slots for collection of the goods are allocated by Expowestrans
7.8. According to the General Terms of Participation in Exhibitions Held at Expocentre Fairgrounds, the Customer shall clear the exhibition space by the end of the last breakdown day. When it is impossible for the Customer to do so due to a large number of road shipments awaiting dispatch, or a short breakdown period of the exhibition, or other reasons that prevent the loading of the Customer’s vehicle within the breakdown period, the following options are offered:
7.8.1. Expowestrans can provide storage space (if available) at the warehouse until the time slot for loading the Customer’s vehicle has been scheduled. The service fee is charged to the Customer’s account.
7.8.2. The Customer can store the goods in the Pavilion if so permitted by the Exhibition Organizers. The storage fees are payable by the Customer.


8.1. It is the Customer’s responsibility to arrange insurance cover for their goods against all risks including possible delays and additional warehousing fees.
8.2 Expowestrans is not responsible for any demurrage/detention of vehicles, damage to the goods and any other losses and expenses which may arise in case the goods have been improperly packed, handled, declared, endorsed or addressed by the Consignor (or the nominated representative of the Customer); or any other losses and expenses caused by the late arrival of the Customer’s representative at the exhibition site for Customs clearance of the shipment which led to delayed offloading/reloading of the goods.
8.3. The liability of Expowestrans ends with the delivery of the goods to the entrance of the Customer’s stand (or Pavilion gates), regardless of whether the Customer’s representative is present during the delivery or not.
8.4. When a direct return shipment or collection to the warehouse is arranged, the liability of Expowestrans starts after Expowestrans has actually accepted the cargo at the stand entrance (Pavilion gates).
Expowestrans is not liable for any damage to or loss of the cargo during transportation, or when the cargo is stored in the open air (when this method of storage has been agreed between Expowestrans and the Customer, or when no other way of storing the goods is available). Expowestrans is not responsible for any loss of or damage to the cargo when it comes inappropriately packed or unpacked. Expowestrans shall not be held responsible for shortage of goods in packages that were intact upon collection, or when the goods are shipped in bulk.
8.6. The Customer must pre-notify Expowestrans of the arrival of perishable goods and goods that can cause damage to other goods, things and buildings, people and animals. When the Customer has not notified Expowestans or notified late, it is the Customer who must be held responsible for all losses related to the shipment even if they were incurred through no fault of the Customer.
8.7. When Expowestrans has any claims against the Customer for non-compliance with the present Terms, orders, or other contractual provisions, Expowestrans reserves the right to withhold the shipment or other Customer’s property until the Customer has settled any outstanding payments and reimbursed all expenses incurred by Expowestrans on behalf of the Customer.


9.1 It is not Expowestrans’ responsibility to verify the authenticity of the signatures on notifications and written documents submitted by the Customer.
9.2. Expowestrans accepts the goods for handling without being responsible to check their quantity, weight and state of the cargo, as well as to safeguard them.
9.3. When the Customer’s instructions are insufficient or missing, Expowestrans reserves the right to act at their own discretion in the interests of the Customer, particularly, when selecting the mode and means of transport, and method of storage.
9.4. Expowestrans can provide services that are not listed under the present Terms on the basis of a one-off order submitted by the Customer and Acceptance Note issued by Expowestrans. The terms and conditions for provision of said services are discussed individually. The Acceptance Note is deemed as a Contract between the Customer and Expowestrans.
9.5. Expowestrans reserves the right to make amendments to the present Terms. Relations arising from the fulfilment of the present Terms can be developed, amended and complemented in other contracts concluded by the Parties.
9.6. All matters which are not regulated or partially regulated by the present Terms shall be governed by the laws of the Russian Federation.

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