since 1989  


Expowestrans is the official freight forwarder and customs broker of Expocentre ZAO, offering a comprehensive range of exhibition freight-management services for shipments arriving at Expocentre Fairgrounds and other exhibition venues in Moscow and the Moscow Region by all modes of transport. We provide:

  • information
  • logistics services
  • warehousing and storage services
  • customs clearance services
  • material handling and lifting operations
  • delivery to stand and on-stand handling
  • storage of empty packaging
  • installation and dismantling of exhibits (labour and mechanical handling equipment provided for hire)
  • air freight
  • transportation under customs control
  • other allied services
Exhibition Forwarding at Exhibitions and Conferences at Expocentre Fairgrounds Tel.:+7(495) 605-7421, +7(495) 605-0327, +7(495) 605-3548
Fax:+7(495) 605-7935
Customs Services Tel:+7(495) 605-4731, +7(495) 605-0328
Fax:+7(495) 605-0317
Special Projects (art shipping, live event shipping, theatre tours etc.) Tel:+7(499) 795-2880
Fax:+7(495) 605-7935
Exhibition Forwarding at Other Venues in Russia and Abroad Tel:+7(499) 795-2880
Fax: +7(495) 605-7935