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List of Company Registration and Financial Documents to be Submitted by the Customer

List of Company Registration and Financial Documents to be Submitted by the Customer

for handling customs formalities:

  1. the Certificate of Registration in The Unified State Register of Legal Entities of the Russian Federation: primary and all amended versions (notarised copies).
  2. The Tax Registration Certificate (notarised copy) issued by the Russian Tax Authorities, showing the following:
    • Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN)
    • Date of registration
    • Name of the Tax Office the company is registered with
    • Phone number of the Tax Office
  3. The Certificate issued by the Russian Federal Statistics Service (a notarised copy).
  4. The Articles of Association (notarised copy), with all amendments and additions registered with the Companies Registration Authority; the Minutes and Resolution of the General Meeting of Founders (a copy certified with the company stamp).
  5. For companies with non-resident shareholders: a certificate of good standing or an equivalent evidence of the legal status of a non-resident founder issued in their jurisdiction (a notarised copy and notarised Russian translation).
  6. For ZAOs (private companies limited by shares) and companies with non-resident shareholders: documents certifying the equity interest contributions into the authorized capital (notarised copies).
  7. The Orders appointing the Director and Chief Accountant (copies, certified with the company stamp), and the Appointment of Director General Minutes.
  8. Copies of passports of the Director and Chief Accountant (certified with the company stamp).
  9. Copies of passports of the founders of a foreign trade operator (for legal entities — copies of the Certificate issued by the Russian Federal Statistics Service, and Tax Registration Certificate showing the company’s Registration Number, Taxpayer Identification Number and Reason for Registration Code). All copies shall be certified with the company stamp.
  10. For non-resident directors: a labour permit from the Russian Immigration Authority (a notarised copy).
  11. Documents certifying the Customer’s registered office address and physical address, namely: the Lease (Sublease) Agreement (where the lease term is more than one year) registered with the Moscow Municipal Property Department (a copy of the Agreement, with every page certified with the company stamp and the Director’s signature); and the Lessor’s Certificate of Title or its copy certified by a notary public or the Lessor. The Sublease Agreement shall be validated by the Lessor, either in the form of the Lessor’s stamp on the last page of the Agreement or in the form of an Appendix to the Agreement.
  12. An Authorization Letter authorizing a Customer’s representative to act on behalf of the Customer at Moscow Customs. The document shall be valid for the current year, show the specimen signature and the validity period, and be signed by the Director and Chief Accountant.
    The list of documents to be presented by the Customer’s representative:

    • copy of the passport certified with the company stamp
    • Proof of employment:
      • a copy of the Appointing Order;
      • a copy of the employment contract.
  13. An original Bank Account Confirmation Letter issued by an authorized bank (on the bank headed paper) within the current month and showing the following information: the name of a bank, its code according to the Russian National Classification of Businesses and Organizations, its Taxpayer Identification Number, its correspondent account number and Bank Identification Code; and the Customer’s rouble and foreign currency account numbers.
  14. The Customer’s original bank transfer orders to the account of Moscow Customs.
  15. The Customer’s balance sheet for the last accounting period marked ‘Accepted’ by a Tax Office (copy certified with the company stamp).
  16. For ZAOs (private companies limited by shares): a Securities offering report with the mark of the Federal Securities Market Commission of the Russian Federation (a notarised copy).

Please, note: if the Customer is clearing the imported goods through the Vystavochny Customs Office for the first time, they shall provide an extra copy of each document and the company’s blank letterhead in a digital format. Please also note that notarised copies are valid within one year of the issue date.

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