since 1989  

Tariff for transport-forwarding services

Tariff for transport-forwarding services for handling of the exhibition goods at Expocentre Fairgrounds


1.1. Complete, groupage, piece goods consignments.
— unloading of the truck on site;
— delivery to the stand/warehouse (or as close as possible);
— on-site representation
Handling of cargo:
1.1.1. Exhibits per 100 kgs 27€
1.1.2. Minimum (up to 300kg) per consignment* 80€
1.1.3. Standfitting material per cub.m. 40€
1.1.4. With special handling conditions (See Note for part 1) upon request
1.2. Self-propelled consignments loaded on the truck. per piece 380€
— inbound of self-propelled exhibits delivered by vehicle;
— unloading using ExpoWesTrans ramp;
— on-site representation.
1.3. Container consignments.
— unloading of the container near pavilion;
— on-site representation.
1.3.2. container up to 20″(ISO-norm) per container 600€
1.3.3. container up to 40″(ISO-norm) per container 950€
Unloading of exhibits from container is calculated on the rates of part 1.1. of present tariff
1.4. Consignments unloaded in full or partly by exhibitor itself without use of technical means and self-propelled exhibits.
— preliminary customs clearence;
— on-site representation.
per vehicle, container 440€
Note for part 1: Special conditions rates for the handling of the goods with single weight over 5000 kgs, oversized and so on are advised on client’s request.
* See point 8.9.
2.1. Temporary Import clearance
(temporary import procedure)
per consignment 250€
2.2. Customs clearance for consumables/give aways/ per consignment 250€
2.2.1. Customs clearance for each additional tariff heading for each tariff heading 25€
2.2.2. Issuing the customs value declaration for each tariff heading 30€
2.3. Submission to customs examination
2.3.1. per 100 kgs 17€
2.3.2. min. per consignment (up to 400kg) 68€
2.3.3. max. per consignment (over 3500kg) 600€
2.4. Payment of customs processing fees, duties, taxes etc. at actual cost
2.5. Prolongation of temporary import procedure per consignment 120€
2.6. Bond fee guarantee per consignment 75€
2.7. Additional services for customs paperwork
2.7.1. Customs goods value correction for each tariff heading 25€
2.7.2. Coding of invoices according to Brussels nomenclature per consignment 180€
2.7.3. Assistance in drawing up invoices per consignment 180€
2.7.4. Additional customs clearence services with uncorrectly prepared goods and documentation per consignment 450€
2.7.5. Obtaining additional permissions from state authorities per permission 150€
2.7.6. The electronic copy of transit declaration per TIR/DKD 150€
2.7.7. Other customs clearence services upon request
Note for part 2: rates and applications of Part 2 depend on the customs regulations and can be changed without prior notice.
— Preliminary customs clearence;
— picking up the shipment from airport terminal and transit customs clearance;
— transfer by truck from airport terminal to exhibition site;
— unloading of the truck at the fairground;
— delivery to the stand/warehouse (or as close as possible);
— 2 weeks storage in warehouse;
— on-site representation.
Calculation is made upon chargeable weight specified in air waybill (AWB).
3.1. Minimum/Basic charge up to 100 kgs per 100 kg 310€
3.2. Shipment exceeding 100 kgs the additional charges will be:
3.2.1. 101-300 кг per 1 kg 1,5€
3.2.2. 301-500 кг per 1 kg 1,3€
3.2.3. 501-750 кг per 1 kg 1,2€
3.2.4. 751-1000 кг per 1 kg 1,1€
3.2.5. 1001-3000 кг per 1 kg 1,0€
3.3. Handling of the cargo at the airport at actual cost
3.4. Air freight at actual cost
Note for part 3: conditions and rates for delivery of shipments weighting more than 3.000 kgs as well as self-propelled exhibits and containers are advised upon request.
4.1. Handling of empties per cub.m. 45€
4.2. Moving of the cargoes from the stand to the warehouse or backwards per cub.m. 55€
4.3. Storage of the cargo (per each commenced week). per cub.m. 30€
5.1. Slinger per hour 50€
5.2. Forklifts and cranes
5.2.1. Forklift per hour 80€
5.2.3. Crane up to 25 tons capacity (min 2 hours) per hour 270€
5.2.3. Crane over 25 tons capacity (min 4 hours) per hour 270
Note for part 5: — In accordance with the maintenance regulations slinger is to be presented for each unit of forklift/crane. Minimal time of payment of crane up to 17 tons makes 2 hours.
Cranes over 17 tons capacity should be ordered at least seven days beforehand. Rates are subject to agreement and advised additionally.
6.1. For the services on weekends and national holidays
6.1.1. Slinger +50%
6.1.2. forklifts and cranes +50%
6.2. For handling of late arrived cargo (to the rates of parts 1, 2, 3)* +50%
6.3. Discrepancy of notified to actual weight of the cargo (for the weight difference)** +50%
See instructions to the tariff * point 12 ** point 11
7.1. Issuing Carnet TIR (CMR,DKD) per 1 blank 55€
7.2. Fixed payments (administrative costs) per consignment 35€
7.3. Freight upon request


8.1. This tariff is applied to payments for transport-forwarding operations and other services rendered by “EWT” at the exhibitions held on the territory of exhibition complex “Expocentr”. Otherwise the rates are advised additionally at the request.
8.2. Rates do not include 20% VAT (value added tax) which applied additionally.
8.3. Rates, which are applied for handling of the cargo on its arrival/inbound (Parts 1-3, 7) are valid for handling of the cargo on its sending backwards/outbound.
8.4. On occasion “EWT” keeps the right to apply the LUMP SUM (global rate) for given complex of services.
8.5. Should increase of the actual expenses over the rate of point 2.7.5, it is quoted separately.
8.6. For services, which are not covered by the Tariffs rates are advised at the request additionally.
8.7. In calculations every part of a unit of measurements is considered to be full.
8.8. In case exhibitor (participant) indicates incorrect weight and volume of the cargo, “EWT” has the grounds to make the calculations based on 100 kg = 0,33 cbm.
8.9. The “consignment” means the cargo of each firm — participant, issued on its stand.
8.10. Late arrival is the cargo, which has arrived:
— by truck — one day prior to day of opening of exhibition or later;
— by air — four days prior to day of opening of exhibition or later;
8.11. This tariff is valid from 01.01.2014
8.12. Time of granting of the services specified in the present tariff from 09:00 till 17:45 (lunch time from 13:00 till 13:45). During other, inopportune time, services are given under the additional coordination of the parties.