since 1989  

Customs Operations

Expowestrans renders a full range of Customs-related services. We maintain our registration with the Customs Brokers Registry, Customs Carriers Registry, and Owners of Temporary Storage Facilities Registry. For detailed information about the services we provide and our rates, please check out the Rates for Services Provided at Exhibitions Held at Expocentre Fairgrounds.
The Expowestrans Customs Department is manned with experienced professionals who have completed special training in handling Customs formalities and are able to deliver any customs-related services to the highest standard.

We are located near and provide Customs services at the Vystavochny Customs Office of Moscow Customs — a factor which enables us to complete a customs clearance procedure promptly and efficiently and ensure that all exhibits are delivered to the venue on time.
All international shipments arriving to be showcased at exhibitions and conventions are declared to temporary importation and are to be re-exported after the closing of the event.
For prompt and unimpeded handling of Customs formalities customers shall comply with the Customs Regulations. All information related to Customs clearance of exhibition shipments can be obtained from the Expowestrans Exhibitions Department.
For further information, please contact Customs clearance specialists of the Expowestrans Exhibitions Department

General Customs clearance guidlines are as follows:

  • all transport paperwork (packing lists, goods lists, specifications) shall be consistent with the actually delivered goods; and the quantity of temporarily imported goods shall be appropriate to the intended use, i.e. demonstration at an exhibition, and presentation;
  • all transport documentation shall show name of the goods, their quantity, weight (net and gross), specifications (material the goods are made of, field of application), commercial data (trade mark, model, identification number, serial number) and other product-specific information.

Exhibition goods not to be re-exported after the closing of the event — also called consumables — are entered under the permanent importation procedure. They include literature, giveaways, logo-branded souvenirs and product samples. This category of goods is subject to Customs duties, Customs fees and VAT. Alcohol and tobacco products are liable to excise duties, and there is a special duty on some other products (mainly foodstuffs).

Here at Expowestrans, we can help our customers obtain ATA Carnets which are now being used for Customs clearance of exhibition consignments with growing frequency. They are only effective, though, if the Customer strictly follows the above instructions to provide detailed and accurate description of the goods.